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Bushwalking and other outdoor activities entail a level of risk, and bushwalking is generally more demanding than walking in urban areas. Safety is a very serious issue and includes being properly prepared. Equipment and training is everyone's responsibility - not just the leader.

Walkers must ensure they are sufficiently fit to undertake activities. Our club activity grading levels may not be what an inexperienced bushwalker would expect. Always ask the activity leader if in doubt about your skills and fitness

Always inform someone where you are going and the time you're expected back. Emergency procedures are explained on this website - please make sure that someone knows where to find this information.

The application form for the club asks you for an emergency contact person. This person would be the first point of contact if your party was held up due to weather or accident.

First Aid and Other Information

Risk Management

When you book an activity, you should talk to the leader to confirm that you will be able to complete the activity without endangering yourself or others. If you are not known to the leader, you may be asked questions about previous walks, fitness or training. Make sure that you understand how difficult the activity is, what equipment you need (see the equipment lists for starters), and any risks associated with the activity. It is your responsibility to find out before the walk! For this reason, start locations are available only from the leader.

On the day of the activity, the leader will introduce group members, explain the plan for the day (usually with a map) and ask each person to sign a waiver stating that they understand the risks involved and agree to take responsibility for themselves. You should read the waiver (at least once)- note that you are also agreeing to notify the leader of any relevant health issues you may have, and that you will follow the directions given by the leader.

Please take this process seriously - it is designed to allow everyone to participate safely and fairly. Leaders are volunteers and take on considerable responsibility when leading activities. The waiver has been written with input from our insurance companies to protect all club members.