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Walks and Activities

Program: Activities have restarted and will be carried out in line with the public health orders. Please check the government COVID websites for the latest rules.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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What do the grades mean? - SBC Activity Grades

WalkID: 5300
1 Jun (Sat) 2024: EXPLORERS RESERVE LAPSTONE (E) Bushcare Activity. Volunteers are always needed! This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC. Members who book on will have their contact details forwarded to the relevant Bushcare Officer. No experience is necessary as full training and education will be provided by the onsite Bushcare Officer. Limit: 8. Map: Google maps.

WalkID: 5311
1 Jun (Sat) 2024: INTRO TO NAVIGATION, LINDEN (E-M, off track) Learn how to find and use a compass bearing, practice using a topo map. We'll meet at the park in Linden to go over some basic nav theory, then put skills into practice on a ridge which runs east, not far from the gate. Beginners welcome, but we need some members who have used a compass before, so we don't get lost. Map supplied, but you will need an orienteering compass. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood, katoomba.

WalkID: 5342
1 Jun (Sat) 2024: LINDEN (E) Walk from Lady Martins Bath, down old logging track to Glenbrook Creek and return. Should be a half-day walk unless you want to explore Glenbrook Creek. Only about 2 km each way. Bring morning tea. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5347
1-2 Jun (Sat-Sun) 2024: POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER GNWTHORNLEIGH TO COWAN (H) Overnight walk from Thornleigh Station to Cowan Station, camping at Calna Creek overnight.This 36km section is one of the most popular for its varying scenery and wildlife while being a quickly accessible overnight walk, so says AllTrails. 1,375m elevation gain. Limit: 8. Map: GNW map 2 and 3.

WalkID: 5355
2 Jun (Sun) 2024: CASTLE HEAD (M) Walk from the locked gate on Glen Raphael Drive out to Castle Head, return... Text me if you want to join this walk. Meet 12.30 Waratah St, near Aldi. Be prepared for rain... Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba .

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5315
2 Jun (Sun) 2024: NORTH WOODFORD TRANSIT OF VENUS WALK. (E) This 3 to 4 km nearly circular walk is a great easy intro walk. It has 3 waterfalls, Edith, Mabel and Hazel which should be flowing well after this rain, the bush is nice and there's a good overhang for morning tea. I'll give you the history of the names as well. Those who want more can come do another 3 km circuit on the other side of Woodford after lunch to pretty Wilson Glen and Gypsy Pool. Limit: 20. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5283
3 Jun (Mon) 2024: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH General meeting for June. Presentation by Michael Krasny, Supper, tea and coffee with a gold coin donation.

WalkID: 5313
4 Jun (Tue) 2024: SOUTH KATOOMBA (EM) Altered as Federal Pass is still closed. Start at Katoomba Cascades, walk a short section of the Grand Clifftop Walk to Echo Point, visit the cave in the first Sister if open, and return. Then go the other way, via Katoomba Cascades and along the cliff edge to Furber steps with a short detour to the middle of Katoomba Falls at the bottom of the first drop. These falls are one of the longest in the mountains. Continue down to the bottom of Katoomba Falls and Scenic World to see the coal mines and relics and then back up to the cars. About 6 km all on good tracks and steps. Great views and plenty of variety all taken at a reasonable pace. You do have the option of coming up with the Scenic Railway and crossing the valley on the Skyway but you need to pay about $50. Don't need to decide beforehand. Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5336
5 Jun (Wed) 2024: WENTWORTH FALLS (E-M) Short Cut track, Wentworth Falls, Rocket Point, Lincolns Rock Back to Con Hut via Over Cliff/Under cliff track. Park at Con Hut, 9 Am start. Bring morning tea. Limit: 15. Map: katoomba.

WalkID: 5299
8 Jun (Sat) 2024: KNAPSACK RESERVE MT RIVERVIEW (M) Bushcare Activity in Knapsack Reserve, northern sector. Lots of off-track walking, some scrambling and gorge walking treating Crofton and other weeds, possibly African Olive. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC. Members who book on will have their details forwarded to the relevant Bushcare Officer who will be in touch in the week prior to the activity. No experience is necessary as specialist equipment and training will be provided by the onsite Bushcare Officer. Participants should have an appropriate level of fitness and are required to provide their own bushwalking gear including a first aid kit, adequate food and water for the day. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

WalkID: 5354
8-10 Jun (Sat - Mon) 2024: ROCKLILY RIDGE TO URELLA RIDGE (M-H-Exp, Reccie) Reccie. Day 1 walk in 4km on fire trail along Rocklily Ridge off Mount Hay Rd. We’ll find a campsite and setup then do some exploration off the end of the ridge. Day 2 will be seeing if we can find a route down to Flat Top Brook and up onto Urella Ridge. Approx 200m ascent and descent. As the crow flies it is only about 1.5km, but the actual distance will be dependent on what we find. Day 3 possibly some more exploration then an easy walk back out along Rocklily Ridge 4km. Limit: 3. Map: Katoomba 1:25000.

WalkID: 5367
9 Jun (Sun) 2024: CABBAGE TREE CREEK, PORT HACKING (E) Reckie - from Bonnie Vale, find the shifting entrance to the Basin, then paddle as far as possible up Cabbage Tree Creek Limit: 8. Map: port Hacking.

WalkID: 5333
9 Jun (Sun) 2024: PATERSON HILL, GROSE VALLEY (H) CANCELLED - FLOODING Take The Wire (track) from Vale of Avoca lookout, Grose Vale down to Grose River. Head upstream to the junction of Burralow Creek and then walk along the bottom of Paterson Hill to get to the NW end. Ascend to the summit and replace the visitors book while taking in 360 views of the Grose Valley. Return the same way. This walk is mostly off track and will require some bush bashing, rock hopping and scrambles. Limit: 8. Map: kurrajong.

WalkID: 5316
10 Jun (Mon) 2024: KANGAROO CREEK, HACKING RIVER - KAYAK (E) NPWS has now allowed private craft above the weir at Audley. Both creeks are excellent easy paddles into Royal National Park. This is a great trip for beginners, total navigable distance is only about 10 km. For those who need more paddling, they can finish with a quick trip below the weir (on the salt water) down to Grey's Point and back while we enjoy afternoon tea at Audley Dance Hall Cafe NOTE: Changed back to Monday, weir flooded on Sunday. Limit: 8. Map: Port Hacking.

WalkID: 5344
12 Jun (Wed) 2024: NORTH HAZELBROOK (E-M) A half day walk: 5km approx: From the cars we will make our way to the top of the Amphitheatre then descend to the north Hazelbrook waterfall circuit in Hazelbrook Creek. Horseshoe, Lyrebird, Lena, Oakland, Burgess and Glow Worm Nook Falls then back to the cars. Bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5357
13 Jun (Thu) 2024: SOUTH STRATHFIELD - BOTANY BAY (E-M, cycling) Cycle Strathfield to Botany Bay. A leisurely ride along cycle paths and local roads to the bay and back. Morning tea at the chocolate shop and a fish and chips lunch (or BYO) at Brighton le Sands. Swimming at Brighton le Sands for the hardy. The distance is approximately 50 km and is mostly on bike paths and minor roads and is flat. Limit: 12. Map: UBD Sydney.

WalkID: 5359
14 Jun (Fri) 2024: WOODFORD GLEN , WOODFORD (E) Bushcare Activity. Please come along if you can spare a morning to help BMCC control weeds and rehabilitate bushland. Volunteers are always needed and no ongoing commitment is expected. No experience is necessary as all training and equipment will be provided by the onsite Bushcare Officer on the day. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC. Participants who book on will have their contact details forwarded to the Bushcare Officer who will be in touch in the week before the activity with further details. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

WalkID: 5304
14-16 Jun (Fri-Sun) 2024: ENTRIES CLOSED - FULL ROGAINING NAVIGATION WORKSHOP (Nav Training) See the 'meeting details' for the link to book. (the weekend of the 6hr Paddy Pallin) Cost $140 Concession $100 Under 14 free. Cost includes entry to the Paddy Pallin rogaine on Sunday. 9:30 am arrival for a 10:00 am start I'm going for Friday night and Saturday breakfast, also. Add these 'items' in your shopping cart on the application form, small additional fees... Limit: 30. Map: Rydal.

WalkID: 5339
15 Jun (Sat) 2024: HAT HILL, BLACKHEATH (E) An easy walk of 6-7km from Hat Hill Road to Bald Head and Return. From Hat Hill Road we walk up to the Trig on top of Hat Hill with views across to Lockleys Pylon and Mount Hay. From here we continue to Bald Head through a mixture of open country with great views and a section of thicker bush and trees. It is a relatively easy walk which is undulating, but has a steepish section at the end where the track drops down into a saddle then up onto Bald Hill. From here there are spectacular views into the Grose Valley and also of Baltzer Lookout. Limit: 12. Map: Blackheath.

WalkID: 5323
15 Jun (Sat) 2024: KITTYHAWKE AVE WENTWORTH FALLS (E) Bushcare activity. If you can spare a morning volunteers are always needed! All training and equipment is provided and no prior experience is necessary. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC. Participants' details will be forwarded to the relevant Council Bushcare Officer who will be in touch in the week prior to the activity to provide further details. They will also be on site on the day. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5314
16 Jun (Sun) 2024: BOUDHI NP NEAR WOY WOY. (E, EM) This is one of the most beautiful walks I know with a bit of everything - views, great forest, beaches and fantastic rock formations. It's an 11 km round walk done at an enjfreeoyable pace but it can be shortened by leaving a car down at Putty Beach. It's 2 hours drive from Springwood via tollways but well worth it. Start at Marie Byles Lookout and walk about 1 km out to Bullimah Lookout through Cycad and twisted Angophora forests for morning tea and the views towards Sydney and over Broken Bay. Partially retrace our steps and descend to Maitland Bay where we'll spend time looking at the wonderful rock colours and shapes. Continue along the clifftop, stopping to examine the Tessalated Pavements you would swear are man-made. Roam around rock ledges at the point looking at more amazing rock colours and shapes before arriving at Putty Beach. We'll ascend via a nice but eroded track to the cars or use a car. Option to spend Saturday night in the area and go to Somerset Falls during the day. These falls have about 4 levels and should be excellent at the moment. I can't do this myself but they're easy to find. I'll give directions Limit: 20. Map: Gosford.

WalkID: 5337
16 Jun (Sun) 2024: ROGAINE - RYDAL (M) 61st Paddy Pallin Rogaine event. Teams of 2-5 members. Entry fee: ($70 full, $50 conc). Deadline: please contact me by Fri 7 June. Team chooses their route on the day, when maps are made available. Great event for novices with plenty of tracks in the area - Lidsdale State Forest and Marrangaroo National Park. Rydal is 14km west of Lithgow. Join Thaïs' team (walking) or enter your own. Rogaining is the sport of long-distance cross-country navigation, using map and compass only, to find checkpoints, within the allotted time (6hrs). Free camping available at Rydal Showground the night before (+ extra cost for a dinner and breakfast combo). Limit: 8. Map: Lithgow; Cullen Bullen.

WalkID: 5348
19 Jun (Wed) 2024: LAWSON (M) Lawson to Hazelbrook (yes, downhill!) via Lawson swamp, requiring a car shuffle. 3 hours. Along a ridge west of Binnowee Drive, ( can divert to see the axe grooves on nearby ridge) down to swamp and out via skink track. Up to 4-ways and down Bennett's f/t to tributary of Hazo creek. To f/t at end of Halls Pde. About 5 kms with approx. 100 mtr elevation. Bring morning tea. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5324
21 Jun (Fri) 2024: CHARLES DARWIN BUSHCARE WENTWORTH FALLS (E) Bushcare Activity. Please consider volunteering if you can spare a morning, no ongoing commitment is expected and no experience is necessary as all training and equipment will be provided. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC and participants' details will be passed on to the relevant Bushcare Officer who will contact participants in the week prior to the activity with further details. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5360
21 Jun (Fri) 2024: SUNSET AT FORTRESS RIDGE (E-M) Come for a short walk on the shortest day of the year. A very flat, easy walk made a little more difficult by walking back in the dark... Just over 7 kms. Bring/wear warm clothes, a Thermos and a headtorch with enough charge, fresh or spare batteries... Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba .

WalkID: 5325
22 Jun (Sat) 2024: POPES GLEN BLACKHEATH (E) Bushcare Activity. Please consider volunteering if you can spare a morning, no ongoing commitment is expected and no experience is necessary. All training and equipment will be provided by the onsite Bushcare Officer on the day. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC and participants' details will be forwarded to the Council Bushcare Officer who will be in touch in the week prior to the activity with more details. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

WalkID: 5365
22 Jun (Sat) 2024: WINMALEE (M) GROSE HEAD SOUTH: Starting from the carpark at the end of Whitecross Road we will head out through Blue Gum Swamp, ascend Bees Nest Hill, join the fire trail from St Colombus and arrive at a lookout over the Grose River. Then it is onwards to Grose Head South enjoying some great views looking up the Grose Valley. I plan on leaving a car down at Yarramundi so we can continue on down a fire trail, with views this time over the Hawkesbury Plain. The total walking distance is 12.5kms with 370m of ascent, all on track or fire trail. Please note, however, there are some steep sections involved. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5332
23 Jun (Sun) 2024: BLAXLAND - PIPPAS PASS - DUCKHOLE (M) Scenic walk with great views of Glenbrook Valley. Start at Station St, Glenbrook. Head down to Duckhole and ascend the ridge to follow St Helena's Track. Then take Bullants Track back to Florabella Pass and continue to Pippas Pass, Blaxland. This walk will have some sections that are steep, but it is on track the whole way. Most of the walk is on easy fire trail, which is great for just meandering along. 15kms. This activity would be suitable for most members, if you are not sure if it is right for you, please give me a call, happy to discuss. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5361
25 Jun (Tue) 2024: NORTH FAULCONBRIDGE BLUE GUM FOREST (M) Come and do the walk into the area that we're trying to get National Parks to take over. It's mainly easy but I'm not sure what the recent rains have done to the track. Start behind Faulconbridge school and descend to Peggys Pool, then continue along or near the creek, through the Blue Gums to Meeks Falls where you have the option of walking to the bottom. Return the same way. About 5 km Limit: 16. Map: Springwood .

WalkID: 5366
26 Jun (Wed) 2024: NORTH LINDEN (E-M) A half day walk on Linden Ridge: 8km approx: Linden Ridge to 4th Kings Own Regiment rock engravings and sharpening grooves. We will look at the ruins of an old private Sydney school property that was there before it became National Park. Morning tea will be on a rock platform with westerly views to Mount Twiss and northerly views into the valley of Dawes Creek and Dawes Ridge beyond. This is a great winter walk. Most of this walk is on an unsealed road so will suit the use of umbrellas, if you are that way inclined bring your umbrella. Also bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba & Springwood.

WalkID: 5340
29 Jun (Sat) 2024: KAYAK - PENRITH TO EUROKA (E-M) Kayak from Tench Reserve to Euroka Creek and return. 12km approximately. This will be a leisurely paddle, with time to take photos and attempt to spot a turtle or water dragon. Morning tea will either be at Euroka Creek or back at the junction of Glenbrook Creek. You will need your own PFD and hard shell kayak. Limit: 10. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5351
29 Jun (Sat) 2024: MOUNT BANKS BLOOMERS (M-Exp) Join us on a wander to the top of Mount Banks to see what’s blooming on its northern slopes, and perhaps explore some of the side tracks we’ve never done. 200m elevation and about 5km return on a rough steep track with some off track exploration. Full day, bring morning tea and lunch. Helen and Terry Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wislon.

WalkID: 5284
1 Jul (Mon) 2024: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL SPRINGWOOD Our Guest Speaker will be Tracie McMahon. Tracie's passions are nature and community. Bushwalking is just one way that Tracie indulges her love of nature. Tracie will be presenting her nature journals for the Grampians, South West Trail Tasmainia,Larapinta and Drysdale National Park in East Kimberly WA. The journals capture Tracie's impressions of 'place' in words, sketches and watercolours.' Tea/Coffee and supper provided for a gold coin donation. 7:00 pm for a 7:30 pm start.

WalkID: 5368
3 Jul (Wed) 2024: BLACKHEATH (E) Easy Walk, between 6-7k, elevation 340 ascent. Great views, side track to Hat Hill trig. 9am start, bring morning tea. Drive through Blackheath, turn right into Hat Hill Rd. Meeting in Hat Hill Rd just past the turn off from the Great Western Highway, Hill Rd is tared to the start of Perry's Lookdown Rd. Parking is limited so may need to car pool to the start of the walk. Limit: 15. Map: Mt WIlson.

WalkID: 5363
4 Jul (Thu) 2024: SYDNEY (E) CITY RAMBLE - CUSTOMS HOUSE TO MILLERS POINT. I am sure most of us have been to Circular Quay and The Rocks on numerous occasions. However, using an excellent guide from the City of Sydney there is a fair chance I can show you a few places you haven't been before, or at least not for a while. We should be able to have lunch in one of the pubs in The Rocks. After lunch I plan to extend the walk by going across the Cahill Expressway and meandering through the Botanic Gardens. However, if people didn't want to do this then there a number of good and now free museums in the vicinity - the Justice and Police Musem and the Museum of Sydney. This will not be a big day in terms of distance walked - my estimate 5 to 6kms - but please note there are some steps and steep inclines at some points. - Limit: 15. Map: Parramatta River.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5352
7 Jul (Sun) 2024: WENTWORTH FALLS (E) From the parking area we'll walk to Den Fenella which is a short but beautiful little glen, with waterfalls. The track ends at the cliff edge. Then we'll use the lovely Udercliff/Overcliff track to reach Wentworth Falls itself. The track down to the middle of the falls, is steep but easy if taken slowly. Wentworth Falls is one of the longest falls in the mountains. Once back at the top of the falls, we'll have an optional, short detour to Rocket Point for better views of the whole falls. This section could be medium grade. I haven't done it for a long time but I remember the views it gave were magical. We'll go back up via a section of Darwins Walk past Weeping Rock to return to the cars. About 5 kms but with lots to see. Valley views are magnificent. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5349
7 Jul (Sun) 2024: LEONAY-LAPSTONE-MT PORTAL LOOP (M-H) This walk starts at the Nepean River, ascends to Knapsack reserve, and follows the old rail/tram routes to Glenbrook Gorge. It then descends into the gorge and ascends the other side to Tunnel View Lookout. From there, we proceed to Mt Portal Lookout, then back down into the gorge, and follow the Nepean River back to the start. The walk includes many good lookouts and historical features such as Knapsack Viaduct, zig zag rail, old tram route, and funicular railway ruins. The walk is about 13 km with approximately 400 m elevation gain, mostly on track, but the off-track sections have very steep climbs, including a hand-over-hand down climb on a fixed rope. It’s a walk I have done many times and would love to share as my first lead walk with the club. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5369
10 Jul (Wed) 2024: SPRINGWOOD (E-M) A half day circuit walk in Birdwood Gully: 6 km approx: Buttenshaw Park and Birdwood Gully are the headwaters of Springwood Creek. We will follow Springwood Creek to a side creek with a pool and water fall 4km approx. We will then go on to Springwood Cemetery, adding another 2km approx. to the walk. Then return via a loop up Birdwood Gully Creek to our cars, completing the circuit. Bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5326
13 Jul (Sat) 2024: FRASERS CREEK YELLOWROCK (M) Bushcare Activity. Please volunteer if you can spare the time to help care for the bush we love! This is a full day activity involving some off track walking and walking along a creek treating Crofton and looking for African Olive. This is an external activity coordinated by BMCC. Participants will be provided with full training and equipment but will be expected to carry their own backpack with adequate water, food, first aid kit etc and to have robust footwear. The details of members who book on to this activity will be forwarded to the relevant Council Bushcare Officer who will be in touch with more details in the week prior to the activity. Limit: 8. Map: google maps.

WalkID: 5330
14 Jul (Sun) 2024: KARIWOGA RIDGE, FAULCONBRIDGE (H-VH) Follow Faulconbridge Ridge fire trail about 6.5kms to Grose River walking track. Descend the 1.5km track to Grose River. Rock hop to the junction of Springwood Creek and ascend back up Kariwoga Ridge. Replenish the visitors book on the ridge and then 5km fire trail walk back to vehicles. Approx.18km. Off track sections along the river and ridge. Limit: 8. Map: kurrajong.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5356
14 Jul (Sun) 2024: SURPRISES ABOVE WOLGAN VALLEY (EM) If you've never seen the pagodas of The Gardens of Stone, then this fairly easy walk at a leisurely pace is for you. Firstly we'll stop at a lookout to admire the Wolgan Valley. We'll drive a short way to Blackfellows Hand Cave [Maiyingu Marragu] to do a short walk to a really impressive rock wall with handprints on it and a little waterfall. Then we'll walk along the firetrail to a beautiful, side valley with amazing moss and lichen covered walls and little dead ends where small waterfalls come down from mini canyons. A magic place especially after all the rain we've had. Continue walking up the firetrail for about 2 km to the Temple of Doom area. Despite the name this area of rocks is wonderful. It's a short way off the road to a collection of outstanding pagoda rocks. Here you can just sit and enjoy, climb pagodas or explore a bit. Return the same way to the cars. Probably about 7 or 8 km. Adventurous children welcome Limit: 16. Map: Cullen Bullen.

WalkID: 5362
20 Jul (Sat) 2024: NORTH FAULCONBRIDGE BLUE GUM AREA (M) This walk isn't hard but I'm not sure what the recent rains have done to the track. Come and do the walk in the area that we're trying to get National Parks to take over. Start behind Faulconbridge school and descend to Peggys Pool. Then continue along or near the creek through the Blue Gums to Meeks Falls where you have the option of walking to the bottom. Return the same way. About 5 km Limit: 20. Map: Springwood .

WalkID: 5303
20-21 Jul (Sat - Sun) 2024: NAVSHIELD (E-M-H) Every year Bush Search and Rescue NSW (BSAR) organises and runs the Australian Emergency Services Wilderness Navigation Shield or NavShield. The 2024 event will be held 20-21 July 2024. Bushwalking clubs can participate as a team of 2-4 people. You don't need to be an expert navigater to participate, but you'll get heaps of experience. More information: https://www.bsar.org.au/navshield/ Limit: 12. Map: supplied at the event.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5353
21 Jul (Sun) 2024: LOWER/ MID MOUNTAINS HOT SPOTS (E) This walk takes in lots of little interesting places. Distance is probably less than 5 km walking but more driving. After carpooling from Faulconbridge, our first stop is a very short walk to pretty Lady Martins Bath at Linden which has lots of history. Then we'll walk a section of the original 1814 Coxs Rd not usually seen, imagining the difficulties those first road builders encountered. From Woodford Station carpark, we'll walk along the highway to see the remains of railway workers' cottages and have morning tea at a little picnic area which was once very popular. Admire Woodford Academy across the highway. We'll continue on to Kings Tableland where a short walk takes us to a wonderful rock shelf with views to Sydney, amazing rock formations and many aboriginal grinding groves as well as a habitation cave. Returning back down the mountains, we'll stop at Bulls Camp to see signs of convict times as well as a sandstone wall and culvert going under the present highway which is a section of the 1832 road building. After this we can visit huge Kings Cave at Linden and a rock art site in Faulconbridge before returning to the cars. Limit: 16. Map: Springwood and Katoomba.

WalkID: 5335
27 Jul (Sat) 2024: GLENBROOK (M-H-Exp) Explore a tributary of Campfire Creek, Glenbrook. Look for a pass up to Red Hands Ridge and then follow the track back down to Kanuka Brook and Duckhole. Follow Glenbrook Creek back down to the causeway. Approx 9kms, mostly off track. This is an easier off track walk so please give me a call if you are new to off track walking and we can discuss if this is suitable for you. Limit: 8. Map: Penrith.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5358
28 Jul (Sun) 2024: NORTH WENTWORTH FALLS (EM) A short morning walk to a true surprise. Water Nymph Dell is stuck between houses not too far from the station. Once it was a popular swimming and picnic area but is now almost forgotten and neglected. The track down is eroded in places but we'll take it very slowly. Once down, we walk along a very impressive cliff to 2 waterfalls where the creek once formed a great swimming pool. On the other side is a good overhang for morning tea. We'll continue along the cliff lines to go up a gully to the cars. We'll need to do a short car swap. Only about 2 km but down and up. Anyone wanting more, we can walk down Darwins Walk as far as possible. This is on the south side of Wentworth Falls. Children welcome Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5171
2-18 Aug (Fri - Sun) 2024: LARAPINTA (M-H, Food drops) Classic long walk in the amazing West MacDonnell ranges west of Alice Springs. We will start at Mt Sonder and walk back to Standley Chasm. Water is available at most campsites, and food drops are arranged with transport through a company in Alice. We fly into Alice on Friday 2nd August, start the trek on Sunday 17th August. NT now charges for camping, around $250 (track fee and 12 campsites). Transport and food drops are extra (around $160). Qantas flights are around $400 each way. NOTE: Arrangements have now been made and paid for. We do have a waiting list in case of cancellations. Limit: 8. Map: Free maps available online.

WalkID: 5364
5 Aug (Mon) 2024: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH HALL SPRINGWOOD Our guest speaker for this month is Mark Ley from Blue Mountains Bird Observers (BMBO) who presents all things birds. Bring your questions and recorded bird calls for identification, as well as learn about current BMBO projects and our unique bird species in the Blue Mountains. Learn how we, as bushwalkers, may be able to support those projects, and, be better equipped for the Great Aussie Bird Count this Spring! Tea/Coffee and Supper provided for a gold coin donation.

WalkID: 5350
7 Sep (Sat) 2024: SPRING FESTIVAL (E) Springwood Spring Festival previously known as Foundation Day. We will have a stall and provide info to anyone who's interested. A good opportunity for us to be seen in the community. We will need helpers for the day to man the stall, chat to the public and hang out for an hour or so. Book on if you can help out. 8am-4pm. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5318
29 Sep-4 Oct 2024 (Sun - Fri) 2024: HIDDEN CREEK JERVIS BAY (M, kayak,walk,cycle) Five nights at Hidden Creek Caravan Park overlooking Currambene Creek. Tent or caravan on a campsites we have to ourselves.$20 per person per night. Cabins are also available at a discounted rate. We will be doing a number of day paddles in the surrounding waterways with opportunities for cycling, walking and swimming. Limit: 16. Map: Jervis bay.

WalkID: 5242
16-25 Oct (Wed - Fri) 2024: NORTHERN JAPAN (E-M-H) My plan is to do a variety of day walks in the northern part of Japan (parts of Hokkaido and Aomori). It will be autumn-leaf time and scenery should be fabulous. We will stay in hotels/inns/AirBnB/hostels and hire vehicles to travel. I will lead most walks, but I hope to have a couple of guided walks too. At the moment there are few other details I can give because we need to have a meeting asap of those interested. The meeting will need to be early March so please "book" on the program soon to show your interest. This will not be a binding commitment to participate. Dates given are a little fluid. Limit: 8. Map: .