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Walks and Activities

Program: Activities have restarted and will be carried out in line with the public health orders. Please check the government COVID websites for the latest rules.

The listing below shows all club activities. Contact details for each activity are available to paid-up members after logging into the member area.

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WalkID: 5147
1 Dec (Fri) 2023: BIRDWOOD GULLY (E) Annual firefly and glow worm pilgrimage. FF numbers vary from year to year but we won't know if we don't go and look. Meet at 7.30pm, Max 2 hour activity, in the dark so bring a torch or two. Birdwood Gully track is deteriorating annually so it's an easy walk but will be rough under foot. Limit: 12. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5144
1 Dec (Fri) 2023: LEADER TRAINING - ONLINE (E, Any date) Book on this activity to sample (or complete) the online leader training organised through our parent organisation. From Bushwalking NSW: "The Bushwalking Leadership Training Course, 'Enriching the Team Spirit & Nature Connection of Leaders & Participants' has been organised by Bushwalking NSW. The course is FREE for all paid/financial members of Bushwalking NSW affiliated clubs. We ask therefore that you only provide this material to paid members of your club. Non-members can do the course but for a fee of $1,000." FAQ: - No, our club does NOT pay for your enrollment. - No, there is no time limit to complete (although I think they'd like feedback in the next month or two) - The date on this activity is irrelevant, i'll send you the link as soon as you book on the website. Limit: 20. Map: none.

WalkID: 5153
2 Dec (Sat) 2023: CLUB XMAS PARTY WILSON PARK, LAWSON. All members and partners are welcome to attend the annual Christmas Party! Starting at 12.00. The party will be fully catered, i.e. all food will be provided. BYO drinks. It is also an opportunity for new members to come along and get to know the leaders and meet other members of the club. Prizes to be won. Map: Katoomba

WalkID: 4928
3-10 Dec (Sun-Sun) 2023: CHARLOTTE PASS (E-M-H) Join me for the 11th annual visit to Charlotte Pass. Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia plus lots of slightly lower peaks. Cost $384. Limit: 18. Map: Perisher, Geehi Dam.

WalkID: 5179
6 Dec (Wed) 2023: MT WILSON AND WOLLANGAMBE (M) CANCELLED ….Wollangambe Entry trail and Sandy Bank - We will follow the trail from the Mt Wilson Fire Brigade down to the river to show those new to this area the start of the canyon. We will then walk back to the another track leading past Joes Canyon track and to a sandy bank on the Wollangambe for a long lunch and cool off in the shallow water. Then return back to the cars at Mt Wilson Fire Brigade. Joint leaders Paul M & Raema D. Limit: 10. Map: Mount Wilson.

WalkID: 5175
8 Dec (Fri) 2023: MAGIC IN SPRINGWOOD (E) Fireflies and glowworms right in our backyard. The track down is less than one km but is fairly eroded so we'll take it slowly. The fireflies are pure magic and then the glowworms light up. Return the same way once you've had enough. Visitors are welcome and any children you can grab. Limit: 15. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5130
9 Dec (Sat) 2023: COLO RIVER (E-M) Exploratory A short 2km walk into Colo-Meroo campground. We will then hit the river in whatever flotation device floats your boat. Flamingoes, watermelons, tyres, pink unicorns, boogie boards all welcome. We will attempt to walk, float, wade down the river for about 12km exiting at the bridge near Hulbert Rd. Hopefully there will be enough flow that we can do more relaxing and floating than walking, but that is outside my control. This expanse of river is broad and sandy and by December should be pretty warm. If anyone wanted to stay overnight before or afterwards at the campground that would be easy to build in. Limit: 8. Map: Mountain Lagoon 1:25000.

WalkID: 5155
9 Dec (Sat) 2023: GOOCH'S CRATER VIA A NEW ROUTE (E) This walk was postponed due to transport problem. Let's try again. I hope the wildflowers are still blooming, including the last of the waratahs. Most are in a flat swamp/creek valley which will take us to Gooch's Crater. There are very moderate downhill and uphill sections, and half the walk is off-track (but easy walking), with a little scrub and rock scrambling. Total distance is about 6km, but I expect the walk to take about 4 hours to allow for photos and exploring. However, we need 4WD vehicles with good clearance to reach the start of the walk (My Subaru AWD won't make it any more), so let me know if you have such a vehicle when you book on. However, you don't need to have a 4WD to book, as long as we get enough to transport everyone from Zigzag Railway. I can do introductory talk if anyone wants it. Just let me know when you book. Limit: 8. Map: Wollangambe.

WalkID: 5170
10 Dec (Sun) 2023: NAVIGATION PRACTICE, LINDEN (E-M, off track) Practice in using compass bearings and map reading to explore a ridge just north of Linden. Half day, starting at 8:30. Should be back by lunchtime, if no-one gets lost. Beginner navigators as well as experienced people are welcome. Bring a compass, map supplied. Limit: 10. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5188
12 Dec (Tue) 2023: ANGUS PLACE PAGODAS (M-H) Find out why this area must be better protected for future generations. We visit spectacular cliffs, overhangs, and pagodas, and there is even a tunnel with a micro-waterfall at the end of it (not flowing). We park at the bottom of Angus Place Trail and follow it for about 1 km. Then descend into a gully to the south west and traverse the extremely dissected pagoda terrain, generally following the cliff line, both below and above. Then exit to Angus Place Trail and walk back to the vehicles. About 7 km, 6 hours. Pace medium. Scrambling, exposure and a section of thick regrowth. It is slow through here, but not difficult, as the saplings are easily moved aside. Limit 8. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/040l9m6y538wf0xz66q3v/h?rlkey=gr0hiiv7pc9w54kptvys3lb1e&dl=0 Limit: 8. Map: Lithgow.

WalkID: 5166
13 Dec (Wed) 2023: PERCH PONDS (M) Sassafras Gully track from the end of Raymond Rd Springwood down to Perch Ponds and back up Sassafras Road then a short piece on the road before the top track back to Raymond Road. This is a lovely shady walk and with a good swimming option. Some steep steps up to Sassafras Rd, a clear track about 10 ks of walking. Limit: 8. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5172
13 Dec (Wed) 2023: WENTWORTH FALLS (E-M) A half day circuit walk: 6 km approx: From Wentworth Falls we will walk the western end of Stonehaven Pass to four lookouts, Cashmans, Bill Wilson, Roses, and Spiral, then return to Den Fenella Track to Den Fenella Falls. From there the Under Cliff track to Princes Rock Lookout then on to Rocket Point. Bring morning tea. Limit: 16. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5173
14 Dec (Thu) 2023: NEPEAN RIVER AREA (E, cycling and social) Thursday bike riders group ride and xmas lunch. Cycle from bottom of Mitchell's Pass down through Emu Plains, across river on new foot-bridge, on to lakes area to cycle around rowing course, back to white water course for coffee if open, then south along river and around Regentville area, back to new The Orchard restaurant/cafe for lunch together. Then back to start. Est distance 30 - 35 km on quiet flat paths and local roads. Partners welcome to join us for lunch but notify me for numbers. Limit: 20. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5176
16 Dec (Sat) 2023: KATOOMBA MINNIHAHA FALLS (E) This walk is about 3 km return down to a beautiful waterfall with 2 levels and an amazing swimming hole. We'll have morning tea down there and the intro talk if necessary before returning. Bring swimmers. There are also some lovely spots along the creek higher up to look at before returning to the cars. Escape from all the Christmas stuff for a morning. Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5160
16 Dec (Sat) 2023: WINDSOR (E-M, kayak) Kayaking from Windsor towards North Richmond and return. 10-15 km. Please bring morning tea and lunch, with a Christmas theme. Limit: 12. Map: Kurrajong.

WalkID: 5167
20 Dec (Wed) 2023: RUINED CASTLE (M) You can park at the Katoomba Kiosk, near Scenic World, and we walk along Federal Pass and Mount Solitary walking track, to connect with Ruined Castle walking track. We are going via Furber Steps towards Ruined Castle. Lovely shady walk. Steep steps and path to Ruined Castle and then return the same way as we came. About 11 ks and 4- 5 hours. https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/walking-tracks/ruined-castle-walking-track?p=1&pdfprint=true Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5163
23 Dec (Sat) 2023: HAWKESBURY HEIGHTS (M) Morning swim at Shaws Creek. There is a very nice swimming hole on Shaws Creek, that normally isn't crowded and is a bit warmer than some other mountains swimming options. The walk in is only short. However, you do need to negotiate a short rock scramble to get through the cliff line, followed be a steep descent - about 110m in 400m of walking, with some lose leaf litter. Hence, the medium grading. Moderate fitness would be desirable for the climb back out on what is likely to be a warm day. Bring morning tea/light lunch. There should be time to do a little bit of exploration up the creek. However, this will be a fairly short day with plenty of time if you need to do last minute Christmas shopping in the afternoon. Limit: 10. Map: Springwood.

WalkID: 5165
27 Dec (Wed) 2023: SOUTH COAST (M) South Coast DATE CHANGE TO DEC 27 - so you can walk off Christmas!! Kiama Coast Walk: A spectacular walk along the South Coast starting from Minnamurra Station – Kiama Downs – Bombo – Kiama – Kiama Heights – Gerringong Station. This walk provides a bit of everything with some beach and headland walking as we meander along the coast – definitely bring your camera ! Option to exit walk at Kiama for those seeking a shorter day. Public transport at both ends. Map: Kiama Coast Walk Brochure Quite steep hills and a good pace required. Limit: 8. Map: South Coast.

WalkID: 5169
28 Dec (Thu) 2023: LAKE WALLACE KAYAK (E, KAYAK) Lake Wallace is located near Wallerawang. It is an easy paddle of approximately 8-10km. You will need your own hard shell kayak and PFD. We will paddle for 2-3 hours leisurely exploring the lake. Bring morning tea and lunch. Please let me know your level of experience if this is your first paddle with the club. Limit: 12. Map: LITHGOW.

WalkID: 5187
6 Jan 2024 (Sat) 2024: HAT HILL CANYON, BLACKHEATH (M) Hat Hill Canyon is a true canyon but with no abseils and suitable for people who haven't canyoned before. It's a fairly easy 2km walk from Hat Hill carpark to the canyon entry/exit point (we will only do the lower section of the canyon) and there is a steep hill to get down. The canyon section is about 700m long, very pretty with interesting features at the end. There are no abseils, but there is rock and log scrambling, wading/swimming in cold water. Wetsuit is recommended (we can probably lend you one) and you need shoes with grippy soles that can get wet. Also need a dry bag/double plastic bags to keep stuff dry in your pack. We return the same way including up the steep hill. Extra information about carpooling, departure time and what to bring later. Let me know if you've never done a canyon before. Limit: 8. Map: Katoomba.

Introduction Walk

WalkID: 5177
7 Jan (Sun) 2024: NORTH LINDEN - PARADISE POOL (E) We'll walk down a pleasant bush track to the valley past the relics of the steam engine used for pumping water up to the early steam trains before arriving at Paradise Pool for morning tea and a swim. This magic place with a big pool, a sandy beach and a waterfall has it all without a long walk. It's about 3 km return. We'll return via the regular steps and walk part of the original 1814 Coxs Rd. Hear about the difficulties they had building this road over the mountains. Then we can pop down to Kings Cave for a look for those who are interested. It's an amazingly big overhang used by the Kings Regiment Limit: 15. Map: Katoomba.

WalkID: 5181
10 Jan 2024 (Wed) 2024: BIRRABANG CANYON (M) Birrabang is a walk-through canyon and a great introduction to an amazing landform. You WILL get wet feet! Off-track, with a short, steep climb in and out. Great for wild flowers. Bring a dry bag and dry gear to change into afterwards. Helen and Terry Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.

WalkID: 5122
10-12 Jan 2024 (Wed-Fri) 2024: BEROWRA CREEK AND HAWKSBURY RIVER (M, Kayak) A two night kayaking trip camping at the Twin Beaches Berowra Waters, 10 km each way with the tide then exploring the surrounding water ways. Camp site has toilets but no power or water. Limit: 8. Map: Cowan.

WalkID: 5180
13 Jan (Sat) 2024: GREAT NORTH WALK (M-H) Great north walk trip summary Key information 1. Joint walk for Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking Club Inc (UBMBC) & Springwood Bushwalkers Club (SBC) 2. Co- leaders: Tracie McMahon (UBMBC) & Wendy Woolley (SBC) 3. Will be attempted in five stages of varying lengths with breaks in between to avoid peak times, allow a restock/wash and the leaders to fit their work schedules in. 4. Anticipated Dates& Stages: a. 9/3 – 13/3, (Saturday to Wednesday) Sydney to Brooklyn (65 km) b. 19/3 - 20/3, (Tuesday – Wednesday) Brooklyn to Mooney Mooney Bridge (31.9 km) c. 23/3 – 25/3 (Saturday – Monday ) Mooney Mooney to Greta Road (37.1 Km) d. 6/4 -10/4, (Saturday to Wednesday) Greta Rd to Watagans HQ (Watagans Section) ( 72.5) km e. 20 - 23/4 (Saturday to Tuesday) Watagans HQ to Queens Wharf Newcastle (52.9) km – Stay over Newcastle last night possible – NB 25/4 Anzac Day. 5. Car shuffles will be needed on all sections except Section 1 which can be navigated by train. Participants will be limited by numbers. If there are only 2 cars (the leaders) participants will be limited to 3. 6. 3 training walks to be held as follows 3/2 – 5/2: (Saturday to Monday) Ingar campground and Murphy’s Glen 10/2 – 12/2: (Saturday to Monday) to Grose Valley – Route to be determined by Track openings. And will be advertised 2 weeks before) NPWS have indicated Horse Track and Junction Rock to Acacia Flat may be open early in new year. Otherwise Pierces Pass, Acacia Flat, Burra Korrain, Victoria Falls 24/2 – 27/2: (Saturday to Tuesday) Jamison Traverse -Route to be determined by Track access and days as both Narrow Neck and Kedumba Pass have weekend only access. These walks will be put on the program and will be open to clubs but first preference to those joining the GNW attempt. 7. This is all weather camping and walking. Cancellation if access/ transport makes impractical . 8. 6 -8 walkers on each stage only with preference to those wanting to do whole walk. 9. No preference given to either club. 10. If there are not enough End to end or stage walkers, day walkers, car campers etc are welcome and will be advertised as short notice walks two weeks before, with 11. Expressions of interest meeting 13 Jan 9 am location TBA, followed by a half day walk. 12. Questions: call Wendy on 0434 006 188 or email woollshed@bigpond.com. Do not call Thursday or Friday due to work commitments . Limit: 8. Map: Various .

WalkID: 5183
26 Jan 2024 (Fri) 2024: GLENBROOK CREEK. DUCKHOLE #2 (E) Come and celebrate Australia Day at one of the best swimming spots in the Blue Mountains. I call it Duckhole #2. It is the junction of Glenbrook Ck and Kanuka Brook. Lovely sandy beach to relax on. Bring something with an Australian flavour to share for morning tea. Wear something with an Australian theme. Limit: 15. Map: Penrith.

WalkID: 5184
3-5 Feb 2024 (Sat-Mon) 2024: BLUE MOUNTAINS (M-H) 4 - MH Pack Walk GNW Training overnight 1 Ingar Campground and Murphys Glen Beginning on Kings Tableland, Wentworth Falls. Fire trail walking with overnight packs, Camp night 1 Ingar Campground, Camp Night 2 Murphys Glen. Finish Woodford Station Limit: 8. Map: Jamison .

WalkID: 5185
10-12 Feb 2024 (Sat-Mon) 2024: BLUE MOUNTAINS (H) 5 - H Pack Walk GNW Training Overnight 2 Grose Valley Route to be determined by Track openings. And will be advertised 2 weeks before) NPWS have indicated Horse Track and Junction Rock to Acacia Flat may be open early in new year. Otherwise Pierces Pass, Acacia Flat, Burra Korrain, Victoria Falls Limit: 8. Map: Mt Wilson .

WalkID: 4927
13-18 Feb (Tue - Sun) 2024: MUNYANG TO VALENTINES (E-M-H, alpine) Expression of interest (date and route may change). A full pack walk to areas north of Munyang. Day 1 - climb up from Munyang power station to Whites River or Schlink Hut). Day 2 - look for possible route to Gargantun from Schlink Hut, day pack only. Possible return via Disappointment Spur. Day 3 - move on to Valentines Hut, explore Valentine Falls. Day 4 - day trip to Mawsons Hut and Cup and Saucer Hill. Return to Valentines. Day 5 - with packs to Dicky Cooper Bogong, drop packs, explore the Rolling Ground before returning to Whites River Hut or Schlink Hilton. Day 6 - return to Munyang then on to Charlottes Pass for a hot shower. Limit: 8. Map: Geehi River, Jagungal.

WalkID: 5182
18 Feb 2024 (Sun) 2024: MOUNT WILSON (M, LILO) WOLLANGABE LILO TRIP Bring your lilo or some other flotation device and spend the day on the Wollangambe river which winds it's way through some magnificent canyon country .There are deep sections where we float on whatever floatation device we brought ,shallow sections that we walk and rocky sections that we scramble .Reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability required. As we spend most of the day in the water wetsuits are required along with shoes that you can swim in, Volleys are always a good choice ,you will also need to waterproof your pack . I haven't decided if we do Wolangambe 1 or 2 , I will decode on majority preference so please indicate your preference when you contact me Limit: 8. Map: Mount Wilson.

WalkID: 4960
18-23 Feb (Sun - Fri) 2024: CURRARONG HOLIDAY (E-M, Social) Sunday to Friday avoiding crowds. A now traditional short holiday where you can do as much or as little as you wish. Last year we had 35 booked and in 2024 there may be more. Accommodation options include tents, caravans and cabins at Holiday Haven Currarong with its sparkling amenities. Opportunities for coastal walking, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and bicycling etc. Similar organisation to the Snowies but without having to cook for a multitude. Limit: 50. Map: Currarong and surrounding maps.

WalkID: 4926
18-25 Feb 2024 (Sun-Sun) 2024: CHARLOTTES PASS (E-M-H, alpine) Join us for the 3rd annual February Snowies Trip. Not just walks - we've found excellent kayaking on Lake Jindabyne, some great mountain bike tracks and a range of walks from 2 hours to all day. Bring or hire your kayak or bike (or both). Comfortable accommodation in a private ski lodge in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park. Self catering (group meals) and we have to clean up before we leave. We are within walking distance of the 10 highest peaks in Australia, plus lots of slightly lower peaks. Cost around $300 per person for the week, and you are asked to supply (part of) an evening meal for 16 people. Please bring some cash to re-imburse drivers if you car-pool. Possible alternate date is 21-28 January, or 14-21 Jan) Limit: 40. Map: Perisher Valley, Geehi River, Koscuiszko.

WalkID: 5186
24-27 Feb (Sat - Tue) 2024: BLUE MOUNTAINS (H) 5-H Pack Walk Great North Walk Training Walk 3 Jamison Valley Traverse - Route to be determined by Track access and days as both Narrow Neck and Kedumba Pass have weekend only access and Kedumba campground closed. Antidcipated route. Narrow Neck Lookout - Golden Stairs - Solitary (camp Night 1) Descend Col, Camp Night 2 Kedumba River, Sublime Point Fire Trail. Camp Night 3 Jamison Creek, Exit via Leura Forest to Carrington Park. Full details to be provided two weeks prior. Limit: 8. Map: Jamison .

WalkID: 5178
26 Feb-2 Mar 2024 (Mon - Sat) 2024: WALLS OF JERUSALEM NATIONAL PARK, TASMANIA (H) Join us for five nights in Tasmania, including a three-night back packing romp in the beautiful Walls of Jerusalem National Park. We'll be staying at the delightful Mole Creek Hotel, or if you're driving, at the Mole Creek Caravan Park, for the nights before and after the walk. On Monday 26 February we'll meet at the Mole Creek Hotel at 5pm for a pre-walk briefing. On Tuesday 27 February we'll drive to the trail head and walk in to Dixon's Kingdom for two nights. On Thursday 29 February we'll walk around to Lake Adelaide for the third night. On Friday 1 March we'll walk out to the trail head and drive back to the Mole Creek Hotel for our final night. We can drive a maximum of three people to and from the trail head. The weather in the Walls of Jerusalem can be quite challenging, so robust overnight back packing gear is essential. It is important that all booked participants attend the 5pm briefing at the Mole Creek Hotel on Monday 26 February in case plans need to change. Helen and Terry Limit: 5. Map: Jerusalem.