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Overdue Parties - and Other Emergencies

If someone doesn't return at the expected time, first assess the situation. Consider if the party had food and shelter for the conditions. In most cases, even day walkers who are properly equipped can survive a night out.

If you believe the situation is an emergency, the police should be contacted immediately (000) to begin a search and rescue.

If the Emergency does not relate to an overdue party, call any one of the people listed below.

If you are unsure if a situation is an emergency, you can try the following:

  • Check the information about the walk - where did they go, when are they due back, how well were they equipped, how has the weather changed? A day walk overdue by 12 hours may be a concern, but not so a 6-day walk.
  • Ring the leader of the walk - they may have returned or got a message home
  • Check your mobile phone - the group may have been able to SMS or ring.
  • The club does not have any permanent staff, however three members are club emergency contacts who will be able to help assess the situation. They have access to walk itineraries and other club records. Leave a message with your contact details if there is no immediate response; or try one of the other emergency contact officers; or send an email to info@springwoodbushwalker.org.au; or call one of the committee members listed below.
  • Club Emergency Contact 1 - 0435 534154 or
  • Club Emergency Contact 2 - 0415 526 252 or 47 541 746
  • Club Emergency Contact 3 - 0428511392 or
  • Club Activities Secretary - 47516137 or 0429903082
  • Club President - 0403312616 or
  • Club Webmaster - 4751 1392 or 0402 228 896

Club Policy

Download a printable copy of this information: