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Springwood Bushwalking Club is a non-profit, volunteer association and is affiliated with Bushwalking NSW (formerly Confederation). Bushwalking NSW is a member of the national body, Bushwalking Australia. We meet in Springwood , first Monday of the month, around 7:00pm. New members welcome.

Help celebrate the Club's 51st year

  • 51+ Parks Challenge - walk in national parks or reserves anywhere Australia or elsewhere in the world. This challenge started on 19th April 2017 (the Club's 50th birthday) and closes on 18th April 2018. For details click on 51+ Parks

Adventures, Friends and Memories

The anniversary book - don't miss out on 50 years of bushwalking history. Place your order now - there was a small print run, and there are only a few copies left for purchase.

Payment details

  • $25 per book (+$12 for postage if required)
  • Pay Paul Daley by cash or cheque at a club meeting
  • Or send an email to info@springwoodbushwalker.org.au with your name, number of copies

This book captures some of the many adventures SBC members have experienced, and celebrates the wonderful memories those adventures have provided. Through the Club and its activities, members have formed many lifelong friendships. This 250+ page book is full of amusing stories, anecdotes and photos from throughout its life. It includes the way the Club has changed over the years, as well as reminiscences from former and current members. Each decade of the club is covered extensively, including details of day and extended trips, travel, conservation and social activities, membership, gear and incidents. The final chapters highlight the Life members of SBC and its 50 year celebrations to date.

Anyone who has been a member of SBC will enjoy reading and remembering some of these sojourns into the bush. Those who are not SBC members will be inspired to enjoy the outdoors in a similar way.